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Stay ahead with our CRM development services. TechMozo’s experts provide customised CRM solutions under one roof to enhance your ROI and automate marketing tactics, sales, and smooth customer experiences.

What Is A CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software application that helps businesses handle, monitor, and track all of their interactions with customers and potential customers. 

TechMozo, or our experts, have helped enterprises from start-ups to large ones rebuild customer experiences by providing personalised CRM development services. Which further enhances your revenues and gives you a better understanding of customer behaviour.

Customised CRM Solutions For Every Business Need

Customised CRM solutions are custom-made software created specifically to fulfil specific business needs. It enables companies to modify their CRM platforms to fit their business workflows, data needs, and operational procedures.

We here at Techmozo deliver customised CRM solutions that help businesses enhance customer journeys and satisfaction while also saving money and time.

custom crm development services

Custom CRM Development Services to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Get personalised Custom CRM Development Services and transform your business actions and customer satisfaction with TechMozo. 

CRM Consulting

Our CRM consulting assists in building customized CRM Solutions by understanding your business journey and converting your traditional systems and procedures to a comprehensive digital framework. Get in touch with our experts for custom CRM solutions.

CRM Migration Services

CRM migration helps in the migration of customer data, documents, and other essential information from the old CRM to the new CRM without the loss of data or other crucial information. With TechMozo's CRM migration service, we guarantee smooth and successful execution.

Formidable Performance

Cloud CRM Software Solution

CRM software that is stored on the servers of the CRM seller and used by its clients online is known as cloud-based CRM. Our Cloud CRM software solution provides real-time analytics and a thorough viewpoint of your conversations with customers.

Custom CRM Development Solutions

We provide tailor-made CRM development services that will be created in accordance with the work processes of your teams and your unique requirements, making training much simpler. All in all, they are made to address the problems you are experiencing and will likely face shortly.

CRM System Integration Mitigation

CRM integration is an unbreakable connection between your CRM and other applications such as sales, marketing, and other tools. Our custom CRM development services are aimed at providing complete, real-time, and updated data so you can get the whole picture of your company and its consumers.

CRM Maintenance And Upgrades

CRM performs operations to make it easy for a business to manage its meaningful conversations, and provide personalised experiences. You need to maintain and upgrade your CRM from time to time to keep it in perfect shape. Our experts provide reliable services in the maintenance and improvements of your CRM software.


Standard CRM Software Customization

There is no such thing as ‘One regular Size’, every business has its own needs and requirements similar to every business having its respective sizes. Using the original setup might be challenging and desire to optimize as per needs. Choose our Custom CRM development service. With our assistance, you may optimize your CRM system to improve your marketing and sales techniques.

CRM Mobile Applications

Our CRM mobile application service enables your devices, whether smartphones or tablets, to access marketing, sales, and customer information daily without any hassle in between. Our experts provide a smooth flow of operations on smart devices.

Stand Out with our Customised CRM Solutions For your company

TechMozo has vast years of experience in CRM Development services and provides personalised, custom CRM solutions as per your business needs.

Experience the difference with Techmozo Custom CRM Development Company.

Our services set us apart from the rest. We comprehend the core elements of our client’s company plans and combine them with sensible, customised CRM solutions.

Proficient CRM developers

Our CRM professionals have several years of experience delivering high-quality CRM development services with 100% client satisfaction. Our experts are determined to deliver projects on time without causing any hassle.


We here at Techmozo provide full transparency throughout the process. We don’t make promises that we don’t keep, and our experts won’t hide or manipulate any information or create misleading solutions while designing CRM software solutions.


We provide stable and flexible procedures for developing customised CRM solutions. There is full flexibility in making changes or adding new rich features as per your needs. We aim to provide ease of use in the design.


We provide CRM development services in such a way that our designed CRM software will be straightforward, uncomplicated, thoroughly examined, without bugs, and efficient in performance. Our experts provide excellent, high-quality service.

TechMozo’s customised CRM solutions proceed step-by-step

We leverage best practices for CRM development, which are listed below, to create a flawless CRM application


By understanding your business, we can plan a project. Identify the needs of functions and non-functions. Further, figure out the time limitations and budget to complete the project.


We provide maintenance services even after the launch of CRM software. We offer regular inception, software updates, bug fixes, and extra features with the existing ones if required.


We analyse all your requirements and objectives for business to create tailored CRM software solutions that fulfil all your business needs and improve your CRM experience.


For delivering successful CRM software solutions, we test our CRM through multiple QA tests to spot any bugs. We deliver CRM software that is reliable, and secure, and fulfils all user requirements


For CRM development services, we implement best CRM practices by implementing a combination of programming codes, structure, and database framework.


We design CRM to meet all business requirements as needed by conducting testing and applying best practices to provide appealing, intuitive designs. And also redesign as per your business calls. With time, the business also modifies itself, as does CRM.

Noteworthy Benefits of Our Tailor-Made CRM Development Services

CRM has several uses and is advantageous to both businesses and startups in different ways. The benefits of our CRM software solutions that are relevant for different markets are as follows


With the help of our customised CRM solutions, we create tailored CRM software as per business needs, and there will be no need for compromise. As your business is unique, so is your CRM software.

Modern technology stack

Modern software and technology serve as the building blocks for CRM software solutions which provide a competitive edge through accurate evaluation and trends forecasting.

Data Mining

Our custom CRM systems enable businesses to use data analytics tools to uncover information and target particular categories of the customer base, sales performance, and predictions to determine how to improve customer service or what product to develop next.

Enhanced Security

We use high-density security practices and reliable cloud technologies to build customised CRM solutions. Only you will have the codes to access this data; no other person can log in. So there is security, and there are no threats involved.

Better Execution

Reach the company’s aim and fulfil objectives with the support of advanced CRM solutions, which ease project management or other difficult chores for better efficiency and increased productivity.

Flexible In Nature

With the evolution of business, CRM systems will require additional features and modifications as per time requirements. With our CRM development services, we offer custom CRM systems that allow for freedom of change.

Insights Of Our Tech Stack To Create A Customized CRM Solutions

Our CRM software uses revolutionary technologies that deliver the greatest levels of optimisation and specific task administration. Below are a few modern technology stacks that CRM software uses.






React JS

All Answers in One Place For CRM Software Solutions

Analytical CRM systems are all applications that analyse customer data by processing, interpreting, grabbing, and reporting. And send to organisations to make better business choices related to products and services. It also captures sales, finance, and marketing information to facilitate analytics reports.

By its name, it refers to developing smooth communications among several enterprises that collaborate on customer relationships. It includes marketing, technical support, sales, distributors, vendors, customer services, and external consumers. Its main aim is to improve the standard of customer service to gain customer loyalty.

Business operations like marketing campaigns, sales, and services have been simplified as a result. Operational CRM’s main goal is to create leads, convert them into prospects, gather all the essential information, and provide assistance along the consumer’s lifecycle.

Strategic CRM systems enable businesses to make customers a priority. In order to provide a superior value offer for the client, it gathers, sorts, and utilises data about consumers and market trends. It enhances specific relationships between companies and customers to boost sales. The customer’s voice is the main factor in a business’s survival.

TechMozo Offers Crafted Options For CRM Development Services

Modify An Existing CRM Module

With our CRM software solutions, you can easily track multiple aspects of your business, such as marketing, products, meetings, customers, and sales. You can also modify your existing CRM module by adding the latest features as per your business needs.

Custom From Scratch

With our customised CRM solutions, you can add only those features to your CRM that your business requires and only pay for them. We will build from scratch with our best CRM practices.

How much does a Custom CRM solution cost?

The cost of customized CRM solutions differs from company to company and is also influenced by the additional features you add to your CRM software.

Cost is also influenced by such factors as the cost of modules, developers, the challenges of the project, the number of features, and support costs.

With our years of experience, we know the importance of choosing the right CRM software for your enterprise. Feel free to connect with us and obtain affordable prices for custom CRM solutions.

Why You Might Prefer to Outsource CRM Development?

Outsourcing CRM development, Is it a good idea? Well, the following points will give relevant information on why outsourcing CRM development is becoming popular.

Saves Time And Money

It saves time and money because there are currently numerous highly skilled workers available to do outsourcing, and these specialists offer services for less money over time. Outsourcing can substantially decrease the costs associated with the work for CRM development.

No Baggage On Shoulders

CRM outsourcing offers various benefits to employees of the enterprise, including responsibility sharing with outsourced partners. In the meantime, this frees up the workers’ shoulders from the weight of labour, giving them more time and room to develop within the company. Employees can focus on strengthening their abilities to provide the finest service.

Increases Your Skills

It also benefits the enterprise not only in cost reduction but also in welcoming skills and fresh perspectives throughout the world. Additionally, it will greatly enhance your capacity for creativity and originality. Our CRM Software Solutions that you choose are proficient in technology and have a strong brain.

Our Other Set Us Apart Services We Are Great At

We have a team of qualified technical experts who deeply understand clients’ business processes and deliver high-quality projects.


We develop the latest web applications and websites at a level and affordable price.


Our agency provides all professional digital marketing services under one roof.

We Provide CRM Development Services To All Business Sizes

Since we have vast experience in this field of CRM development services, We know what size and features are best for an entity according to its size

Small And Medium-Sized Business

TechMozo develops a CRM tool for startups or medium-sized businesses to expand their businesses by building strong customer relationships. It is a single platform to use to manage contacts, capture leads, handle sales for small enterprises, and track daily operations.


With the help of TechMozo CRM software, enterprises that have multiple departments can manage a large number of clients and gain valuable insights about client behaviour while collaborating flexibly across teams.

Large Entities

Collaboration with our CRM software Solutions, enables large corporations to connect from sales teams to HR to marketing teams. And provides all staff members with access to customer preferences, conversations, and activities in real time. This makes it easier to manage different groups and divisions.

We bring the best customised CRM solutions to your door.

At TechMozo, we work closely with our clients, so we understand their journey and work ethically to fulfil their goals.


The four types of CRMs that are most often used are described below:

  • Social Media Management (SMM)
  • Sales Automation CRMs
  • Custom Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Marketing Automation CRMs

A business requires a CRM system to manage sales while enhancing relationships with clients and potential customers. Our CRM Development Services will enhance features and tools to improve marketing campaigns, bonus rates, click-through rates, and sales cycles.

Customer relationship management (CRM) can enhance customer service by offering a single platform for managing customer interactions and inquiries, enabling quicker response times, improving interaction and cooperation among customer service organisations, and giving clients insights to help resolve issues more effectively.

CRM (customer relationship management), You can handle client interactions and company activities with the help of this set of applications. It aims to boost client loyalty, raise customer happiness, and stimulate sales growth. The advantages of CRM software are as follows:

  • Increased sales
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improved customer communication
  • Strong data security
  • Quick decision making

We have been providing CRM software solutions for many years. With time, we develop experiences that enhance our expertise and deliver trusted, top-quality CRM development servicesto clients from different entities.

The duration depends on your project and the required features. In cases where it requires basic features of CRM and the project is simple to finish, it might take approx. 2 weeks. And complex projects with advanced features might take more than two weeks to finish. Time duration varies between companies and projects.

  • Design by considering the specific needs of the business.
  • You only have to pay for the features you requested to insert, not for unnecessary ones.
  • Flexible to make changes and add new features in the future.

Businesses can handle customer accounts, monitor every customer communication, and keep contact information for customers updated by working with a CRM tool.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a digital application and a business approach that enables companies to connect with their targeted customers. The main aim of CRM development is to enhance customer satisfaction, increase sales growth, and build customer loyalty.  It makes use of databases and software to arrange and record consumer interactions, contact details, purchases, and interests.

TechMozo is a trusted and fast-growing CRM development company. Our experts have helped enterprises from start-ups to large ones by providing personalised CRM development services. We concentrate on increasing your revenues and helping your business better understand its potential customers through a single CRM platform.